Are you looking for a nice place to get together with friends and/or family ?
Enjoying a delicious elaborate brunch together and socializing again in an atmospheric setting?
Then you are very welcome at Hotel 't Peperhuys. Thanks to the cozy setting and hospitality of Hotel 't Peperhuys, everyone will quickly feel at home.

So you can enjoy a sumptuous brunch buffet together.
From 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. *by reservation of at least 10 people.

The buffet includes:

Various kinds of hard mini rolls white/brown
Assorted soft breads, White & Brown bread,
Butter croissants, Gingerbread, Rusks, sausage rolls
Homemade soup, Croquette, Russian salad
Boiled egg & egg muffins
Young-aged cheese, Cumin cheese, Shoulder ham
Mini Liver sausage, Cervelate, Turkey fillet, Filet americain
Smoked salmon fillet, Trout fillet or Mackerel fillet
Div. kinds of jam, chocolate sprinkles / fruit sprinkles
Chocolate spread / Peanut butter
Various sweet treats e.g. freshly baked fruitcakes, Donuts or brownie
Includes various coffee & tea specialties,
Fresh Juice, Milk, Apple juice

Unlimited brunch for only € 27.50 p.p.
Up to 11 years of age € 2.25 per year of life

Feel like sleeping out first?
Of course, brunch can also be perfectly combined with an overnight stay in one of our cozy family rooms. Or a visit to the Efteling